Positive Comments by Happy Clients

"Selling your veterinary practice in today’s environment can be an overwhelming task, that requires the extensive knowledge of marketing, banking requirements, accounting resources, and legal expertise. That is why it is crucial to surround yourself with the very best advisors you can find. Selecting Terry Jackson to broker our sale was an obvious choice, as he is well known in the industry as a specialist in helping veterinarians to both sell and purchase. He provided us with a realistic and accurate evaluation, a professional looking marketing package, and countless hours of support and work liaising between buyer and seller, accountants, bankers, and lawyers to get the sale completed. He had at his fingertips a number of people that were interested in purchasing a practice, and advertising became unnecessary.
He facilitated the whole process, and we were amazed at his in-depth knowledge of the veterinary profession, as well as the banking, accounting, and legal aspects as well. Our lawyer, who specializes in commercial transactions, was very impressed with his Memorandum of Understanding and said that it could have been easily used as the sale agreement."

-Thank you, Terry, for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with you.

After four decades of practice, thirty-one of them as a small animal practice owner, I finally decided that it was time to slow my life down, and reduce stresses.  What was required was an accurate practice evaluation, as well as competent negotiation skills in making this transition.  I have no hesitation in admitting that my acumen in these areas ranks up there with my understanding of religion, and my abysmal ineptitude reading the minds of women.

Professional help was needed.

Upon investigating other practice owners I knew who had sold, I repeatedly came across the name Terry Jackson, and ultimately retained him to help me make my journey.
My experiences with Terry were uniformly positive.  After his decades-long involvement in the sale and purchases of veterinary practices, I always felt I was in good hands. Terry has seen transactions that have been big or small, simple or complex, strained or smooth, quick or prolonged, as well as personalities calm to dynamic to quirky.

In addition to his accounting background, Terry brings a highly developed sense of feeling for the emotions of every participant, and a knowledge of the surprisingly large number of details that need to be overcome before an agreement can be concluded.  Terry is a very patient and understanding listener, who will help guide the process very professionally, yet with compassion for all parties, and a wonderful sense of humour.

I knew that I would not be able to simultaneously operate my practice and attend the stresses and complexities of a sale. Although there is considerable work and input required from the owner to provide the evaluator/negotiator with inputs, Terry was able to see to each detail, prioritize, walk me through it, and keep my anxiety level manageable.

I feel very fortunate to have met Terry, and benefitted from his experience, candour, and professionalism.

-Calgary, Alberta

When my husband and I decided to start up a practice, a friend recommended Terry to us. We would not have been able to build the practice we are proud to have today without Terry's guidance.
Terry Jackson is a diamond in the rough, one of those people you know you have been lucky to work with. His expertise in the veterinary industry combined with excellent business sense and a positive coaching attitude make him an asset to anyone who has the good fortune of working with him. We highly recommend Terry and will continue to call on his advice throughout our business journey, we couldn't have done it without him!

-A Successful Veterinary Clinic

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