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Coaching has been around for a long time, but of recent we have seen a rapid grown in this unregulated industry with “coaching” services in life balance, and career options, personal relationships, job placement, and the list goes on. Within the business community, there are all sorts of coaches, some who will assist you in selling more, others who will make you a better boss and still others who will make your business more profitable. While my coaching career began as a “transactional consultant” as I hid under the veil of being a public (CGA) accountant, I began to recognize my real effectiveness as a coach once I left the public accountant environment and with the assistance of my own business coach, transitioned into being a full time business coach with a particular focus on the veterinary industry with whom I had enjoyed a long time working relationship.

My area of coaching “expertise” (if you like) is working with people to identify or clarify what is really important to them as both a veterinarian and as a business person, from a point of priorities and objectives which in turn translates into their veterinary practice operating philosophy. Most veterinarians I have worked with have a great passion for serving others all the while trying to earn a reasonable living in an industry not known for making exceptional income except from the perspective of the general public. As a business coach or mentor, my job is to work with my clients in establishing their career and business priorities and implementing identified objectives through which the practice financially compensating the veterinarian for their efforts and commitment, as well as provides internal returns funding the practice growth alongside the evolution of veterinary medicine and medical technology.

Managing a business isn’t easy and achieving success results from making effective and timely decisions based on experience, knowledge aligned to a long term goal or objective in mind. You cannot reach your destination unless and until you have identified where the destination is and why it is important to you.

After almost three decades of working with business people in almost all types of business, and more particularly having a specific focus on the veterinary industry, I bring to the table an extensive and diversified treasure chest of business knowledge and experience coupled with a twenty five year veterinary industry working experience and industry resources to be drawn upon in my client’s decision making process.

My many years of financial and practical experience coupled with extensive knowledge in the business of veterinary medicine is unmatched in Western Canada.

I’ll work with you to bring clarity to your objectives and together we will work towards fulfilling your business objectives, all the while celebrating your successes and supporting you in your challenges and failures.

What is your destination?

  • "Selecting Terry Jackson to broker our sale was an obvious choice, as he is well known in the industry as a specialist in helping veterinarians to both sell and purchase."

    -Thank you, Terry, for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with you.

  • "In addition to his accounting background, Terry brings a highly developed sense of feeling for the emotions of every participant, and a knowledge of the surprisingly large number of details that need to be overcome before an agreement can be concluded."

    -Calgary, Alberta

  • "Terry Jackson is... one of those people you know you have been lucky to work with. His expertise in the veterinary industry combined with excellent business sense and a positive coaching attitude make him an asset..."

    -A Successful Veterinary Clinic

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