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Buying or Selling Your Veterinary Practice


Buying or selling a veterinary practice for me is a huge honor, for after twenty five years of working with veterinarians, I understand the emotional relationship the veterinarian has with their practice, the emotional debt owed to dedicated support staff and naturally the love and gratitude the owner has for their clients and patients. Besides the emotional journey of saying good bye a passionate career of servicing others and hello to a new career and life style, the selling of a veterinary practice, like any business enterprise, can be not only complicated but frustrating with lawyers and accountants suggesting “this” and recommending “that” with no real answers and leaving you emotionally drained, lost and with a whole lot less money than you thought you would have.

Over the past twenty five years, I have been assisting (purchasing and selling) veterinarians in transferring veterinary practices and as such, the experience has taught me the importance providing my client with a clear and concise process under which they will know the right and practical answers, they will be informed in making the very best decisions and they will enjoy an ownership transfer that respects and uphold their values and priorities. 

We will negotiate a transaction through which support staff will be respected and honored for their commitment and dedication throughout their years with the practice. And last but certainly not least, we will negotiate a transition process through which your clients will be treated in the manner reciprocal of their past loyalty and patronage to the clinic. 

Whether you are the Vendor or the Purchaser, you will know and understand the cash flow of the transaction throughout the process. 

For the Vendor, I work to determine a realistic succession program including determining a realistic selling price, introduce an effective marketing program, identify and qualify potential purchasers and negotiate the very best transaction in a timely fashion, all the while minimizing industry gossip, speculation and anxiety of those close to the practice. For me, the best price is one combining the highest possible dollar value in conjunction with the best purchaser to carry on the practice legacy in honor and respect of the previous owner. 

For the Purchaser, I work to identify priorities and objectives leading to confirming a reasonable purchase price, negotiate safeguarding purchaser terms and conditions, obtain necessary acquisition financing, oversee the legal documentation and clarify the jargon all the while providing guiding support and advice in transitioning the practice ownership, support employees and clients all in line with making a lifelong dream come true.
  • "Selecting Terry Jackson to broker our sale was an obvious choice, as he is well known in the industry as a specialist in helping veterinarians to both sell and purchase."

    -Thank you, Terry, for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with you.

  • "In addition to his accounting background, Terry brings a highly developed sense of feeling for the emotions of every participant, and a knowledge of the surprisingly large number of details that need to be overcome before an agreement can be concluded."

    -Calgary, Alberta

  • "Terry Jackson is... one of those people you know you have been lucky to work with. His expertise in the veterinary industry combined with excellent business sense and a positive coaching attitude make him an asset..."

    -A Successful Veterinary Clinic

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